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RightFax Developer’s Toolkit

RightFax has several programmable interfaces, including a Native C/C++ API, a COM API, a RESTful Web Services API, the RightFax Integration Module (for File and Print Based Fax Sending), and the XML Generator (for advanced inbound file-based fax routing with metadata).

What RightFax Integration Should I Use?

The answer to this questios comes down to a few things:

The requirements of the application integration. Is it, for example, for outbound faxing, processing received faxes, or user management?

You preferred programming mode. Does your team have developers? If so, are they more adept at Web application development, Java, Win32 API or .Net programming, or do you prefer a higher-level scripting model?

The environment you are connecting from. Often, integration with a cloud or SaaS application will require a Web interface, and certain Mainframe and Unix systems can only communicate via a Print spooler. What sort of interface is appropriate?

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