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RightFax Development Projects

Choosing the Right Integration

RightFax APIs

RightFax has a number of well known APIs and the choice of which one is right for you is dependent on your needs and abilities.

Put your cursor over each RightFax API below to learn a little more about good use cases and learn which API is perfect for your organization.


RightFax Developer’s Toolkit

All the resources necessary to get started on your RightFax integration.

Leverage Our Proven Expertise

RightFax Certified Developers

Our developers will work with your team to automate and transform your fax-critical workflows between your organizations enterprise applications and RightFax. With over 500 successful RightFax integrations currently in production, leverage our experience ensure that your organization is working as efficiently as possible.

Choose Advantage Technologies as your custom integration partner and trust our Professional Services team with all your RightFax installations, integrations and upgrades to ensure that your RightFax project is a success.

Create Efficient Document Delivery Processes

Workflow Development Strategies

Design Efficient Workflows

Leverage your investment in productivity and collaboration tools to design streamlined workflows that automate your document delivery processes for a boost in employee productivity.

Develop Custom Integrations

Work with our developers to build and deliver your custom integration and eliminate manual, paper-based for an improved flow of business-critical documents.

Implement Security Features

Enforce internal and external security policies with RightFax’s extensive audit trail of all document transmissions, fax image encryption, Active Directory, and more.

Agile Scrum Development

With our deep understanding of RightFax, we create the most stable results for our customers with an iterative approach to development.

After each iterative sprint, team feedback is received and the project is updated based on any necessary changes following that feedback. This aspect brings adaptability into the project’s framework, instead of extensive planning.

We take the time to get to know not only your project, but your organization, to suggest the right technologies to accomplish your goals.

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Digital Transformation & Workflows

Build Custom Application Integrations to Enhance Workflows

Paper-based, manual document-intensive workflows are still common within enterprise organizations. However, using custom integrations can fundamentally transform these workflows to drive efficient automation and achieve your bottom-line results while supporting the automation and optimization of document-intensive business processes, including:

Work with us to see how RightFax can transform your document-centric workflows, business efficiency and can boost your organization’s productivity.

RightFax COM API

Upgrading to RightFax 16.6?

RightFax 16.6 is the first version to not support custom integrations via the RightFax COM API. Work with our RightFax API experts to build new integration that is right for you.

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